Who Are Air Industries?

We are a company that sell a range of quality, used compressed air equipment, comprising of air compressors, air dryers, air receivers, filtration units, and more. We ensure that you have access to the most appropriate and latest air compressor units available on the market. That’s not all, you will also benefit from getting this top quality used equipment at a very affordable price.

By using Air Industries, you will have access to all related application questions. For instance, if you have repair or maintenance concerns, we will help you figure out your best options. We are also on call for any installation questions you may have.

Where Does Our Air Compressor Equipment Come From?

Air Industries buy and sell used air compressors across the UK, Ireland and worldwide. Professional dealers are frequently asked to install new air compressors and all related equipment on sites. When they visit the site to complete the installation they find that the equipment does not match the specifications needed. The existing unit may be undersized for the application and therefore rendered useless for the particular job. Air Industries are then in a position to purchase this equipment as ‘used items’. The brands and types of equipment that become available at any given time will vary. Some of the air compressor brands which we buy and sell include:

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We have a fantastic collection of used compressors available right now. You can get our air compressor installation services, including professional advice on use and maintenance. Contact us for used compressors, second hand compressors and used compressed air equipment via our direct number or drop an email for any enquiries.

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The types of air compressors which Air Industries buy and sell include a mix of the following units:

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

These air compressors are permanently fixed units. Rotary screw air compressors have helical screws which are embedded within an oil lubricant. This acts are a hydraulic seal which transfers the mechanical energy very effectively between the screws.

Rotary Vane Air Compressors

A rotary vane compressor comprises a rotor with longitudinal slots, which house individual sliding vanes. The rotor is offset within a stator (a cylinder), in which it rotates. While the rotor turns on its axis, the vanes are pushed against the stator wall by centrifugal force, and the air is compressed.

Air Dryers

Companies that need an air compressor often need an air dryer also. Since natural air contains moisture, this must be removed during compression within an air compressor. This is where the air dryer comes into use. They are very elaborate mechanisms which remove moisture from the air that is being compressed.


Unfiltered compressed air frequently contains dust, oil, rust, moisture and other harmful substances that can cause damage to your equipment and processes and therefore requires filtration.

Air Receivers

These are crucial to any compressed air system. They will allow your system to perform more efficiently and they also serve as temporary storage. Because of their high importance to an air compressor system, they are built to an exceptional strong and durable level.

Air Industries, The Name You Can Trust

We are a team of professional dealers with many years’ experience in the air compression industry. We buy and sell top quality equipment and ensure years of great service from all our models.

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Breathing Air Testing

We offer breathing air testing

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